So when it comes to tours in Hawaii, many guides are here working for tips. And our guides put a lot of personal energy into their tours you wont get elsewhere, so we please ask that you tip them accordingly.

Tip Like you would at a restaurant: %10 for an ok tour, %20 for radical! (and thats 10 or 20 percent OF THE FULL TOUR PRICE! IF you paid through Groupon or Living Social deals, please understand you have already gotten a great deal, so don’t short your guide by giving them a low tip…)

*** For any large group tours (8 persons plus) we require a mandatory %15 percent gratuity. paid for before the date of your tour.

*** For all Kayaking tours, you must pay a %15 gratuity, based upon a $75 ticket price, before taking our tour. If you have purchased tickets through one of our third party vendors, YOU STILL MUST PAY THE MANDATORY GRATUITY via our website.


Transport for all tours is $6/person round trip and must be paid via our website before the tour date.


Cancellations for our tours must be made 48 hours in advance. We are very small company, so even if your group is small, its a big number to us! If cancellations are not made within our policy guidelines you will forfeit any monies paid for your tour and NO REFUNDS will be given.

If your cancellation is attempted the day before your date then we will most likely be unable to fill your spots! So we ask for a full 48 hours before your pickup time for cancellations.

Your cancellation MUST BE MADE over phone contact, and you will then receive a letter of confirmation from us.


Epic Hawaii maintains a zero tolerance policy on alcohol consumption during any of its tours. This is in violation of State Law. If you or any member of your party is suspected of alcohol consumption at any point during our tours your tour is canceled immediately without possibility of refund.


If you are found or suspected of touching, chasing, or harassing sea turtles. You will be immediately removed from Epic Hawaii’s tour.

Mahalo for your understanding,

Epic Hawaii

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