North Shore Snorkel

This is one epic day in Oahu’s North Shore. Begin the day with a brief tour through Historic Haleiwa Town. And scoot up a steep cliff to learn about ancient Hawaii while walking the ruins of its once largest sacrificial temple. Then head on down the road to snorkel the North Shores best snorkeling spot, Sharks Cove. After a good snorkel and marine bio-lesson, cruze down the road to check out the sunning sea turtles resting themselves on the beach. Finish off the day with a visit to the famous shrimp trucks and Hawaiian shaved ice. Pack up your dessert and take a nice chilled ride back to town.


  • Tour Historic Haleiwa Town
  • See beaching sea turtles at the Turtle Beach
  • Snorkel Sharks Cove
  • Oahu’s largest ancient Hawaiian temple
  • North Shore shrimp truck lunch and shaved ice dessert (not paid for by Epic Hawaii)

The tour is $50 adult & child (unless noted otherwise)
Book now.

Transport cost is an additional $10/person. ***Transport cost of $10 is for Waikiki ONLY. IF you are staying outside of Waikiki it is still possible to arrange transport for the tour, however you must call before to do so. Transport outside the Waikiki area can be an additional charge.

If you would like to self drive, and not pay the transport cost, you may do so, but you will only join us for the snorkeling portion of the tour. You will be sent an online map, accessible from your smart phone device or tablet, that will allow you to find all the same stops as our tour would make, but you will explore the stops at your own pace :)

This is a 6 to 7 hour day with the Epic Crew (shorter if self drive)

*Video depicts our two North Shore Adventures. Waimea Falls and Beach Park is not included in the North Shore Snorkel Session.



Area Explored During Tour Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 9.19.48 AM




*Water conditions can be highly variable at snorkeling locations, and no life guard is present at this beach, so we suggest not going by yourself. Take a tour for your safety.  Small children and people who cannot swim are encouraged to join the “Inner Cove” snorkeling session. Its very shallow waters are great for beginners, while still seeing tons of fish. The “Outer Cove” experience is reserved for our more experienced swimmers.



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