Private Tour Oahu Made Epic!

Don’t just see, but experience the entire island in one very Epic day with our exception private tour of Oahu. Our full-day private tour is led by one of our EPIC Crew Members. We started our organization because we love having fun outdoors, and above all we live to share great times with good people from all over the world. The Private tour will see most if not all of the island, our customize your private tour to see and do exactly what you’ve been wanting. Our Private tour of Oahu is great for families and the little ones! Or make it super Epic and get your risk on for you ultimate thrill seekers seeking

The price for a full day with us is $150/person. But if you are one family we may be able to offer a discount depending on size.

The pickup for a full day is 8am and return of 4-5pm.

Your tour will be custom fit tour do what you like. Snorkeling, hiking, cliff jumping, sightseeing, waterfall hunting, turtle spotting, you name it, we wanna do it…
The full day private tour is a circle island tour and usually includes of a good mix of the inland/jungle experience as well as time spent beach side. We will also be making a super epic lunch stop at one of our favorite local spots :) (Lunch cost not covered by EPIC)

*Bird Tours. For all of the bird nerds out there our organization’s founder, Elliott, loves to lead private bird watching tours. Hawaii is one of the best spots on the planet to see birds from all over the world. If you are a dedicated birder, Elliott has the best birding tour on the island.

Please email,
or call us directly 808-453-0036
To schedule.

Private Tour Oahu


The Best Private Tour of Hawaii

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